This was the most difficult (and intense) collection I've ever designed, simply because I had 6 weeks to create it, pitch it to Disney, and have the final specs completed and handed off to Alex and Ani's vendor for production. What a rush!

I had little time to ponder what direction to take this collection, and little help from Disney because I had very limited access to the movie footage, so I went back to the beginning; I started with the very first words from the book: "It was a dark and stormy night."  I figured if that's how the book started, it's where I'd start too.

So I focused on creating a collection of powerful quotes, tied together visually with consistent fonts. I selected fonts that I believe communicate the sentiment behind the words: "Bring back the light" is hopeful, a flowing, scripted wish; "Believing takes practice" is strong, measured, and soft; "Be a WARRIOR" is, well...you get the idea.

client: ALEX AND ANI / Disney

 To keep branding and the overall look for the Wrinkle in Time franchise consistent I re-worked the asset "it was a dark and stormy night" (provided by Disney), into a version that would produce well on a necklace. I used this quote as a jumping off point; another quote I love from L'Engle's work is "believing takes practice." No asset was provided for this quote, so I drew these words from scratch to ensure consistency when the collection was viewed all together.


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