The Harry Potter Collection

Designing this collection was a dream come true! I was responsible for creating this jewelry line from start to finish. It was an opportunity to go deep into the heart of the Harry Potter universe and bring to life the symbols and imagery that a true fan would love.


In overall look and feel, I made sure that the core pieces of this collection would have an aged, weatherbeaten look, as though they belonged at Hogwarts right there beside ancient tapestries, suits of armor, and moving staircases. 

client: ALEX AND ANI / Warner Bros.


My re-imagined time turner was a huge hit (it sold out in 24 hours).

After the Time Turner had such outstanding reviews, I proposed another necklace with multiple moving parts: Alohomora.


I took special care to design this necklace with many beautiful details: moons and the symbol of the Deathly Hallows are hidden in the wings, and the key (modeled after the key Harry captures in the Sorcerer's Stone) is etched with the symbol depicting the wand movement for unlocking doors.

A two-tone finish and Swarovski crystals complete the look.

An absolutely essential symbol is the Hogwart's crest. I worked with the talented 3D modeler Rosangel Somers to explore our options for this piece - originally it was going to have the four colors of the houses in the background, but as you can see it made the charm feel less serious. Instead, I chose a simple blackened design to enhance the detailing of the metal.


To elevate the look further I went two-tone: the charm was made to be produced in two parts, a gold "H" sitting on top of the silver crest.

The men's crest cuff is a deconstructed version of the Hogwarts women's crest. Each house animal is evenly spaced along the cuff's length; a two-tone "H" sitting in the center, "Hogwarts is my home," inscribed inside.

Each house crest is paired with a matching Swarovski-crystal beaded bangle (patterned to look like the student's scarves), and a round bead with the name of the corresponding house.

My goal was to put a fresh spin on this bit of school pride: all four designs have the feel of a coat-of-arms, and I filled them with the words that define each house.

The Golden Snitch is a highly detailed design made of Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Fill, produced in two parts. The Snitch is such an important symbol of Harry's, so I made sure the design was available in a necklace, bracelet, and ring. The ring was especially exciting to design.

"Words are Magic"

As a lover of the books, and a huge fan of J.K.Rowling's universe, I wanted to emphasize the importance of words and their effect on us. Dumbledore, I think, said it best, "Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it." So that's how the name of this mini-collection came about, and why it was born.



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