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I was fortunate to have complete creative freedom when it came making these wine labels - I chose all the subject matter to illustrate, and balanced the collection with subtle nods to Iconic Rhode Island imagery (the vineyard is located in Little Compton, RI). For example, Rhode Island has a deep connection to the ocean, so I illustrated a mermaid and proposed that the wine be named Siren in order to give it a mysterious, sensual vibe. The wine Expedite Happiness began with the title (supplied by the client). For this illustration I was inspired by the ancient Greek dryads, the nymphs of woodlands and trees. I drew a woman, part human, part tree, and a flock of bluebirds flowing through her hair. I chose bluebirds because they are a symbol of simple pleasures (like good wine), happiness, and peace.

client: Sakonnet Vineyard

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