Here you will see the evolution of Alex and Ani's Zodiac Collections that I designed annually from 2015-2017. Each year A&A relaunched this collection with the intention of putting a fresh spin on a well-loved classic.

client: ALEX AND ANI

( 2015 )

I have always loved the magic of ancient zodiac wheels and highly detailed, illustrated maps of the night sky, so I captured both feelings with my 2015 collection, aptly named Celestial Wheel. This is the first (and still the only) oval-shaped zodiac wheel that I've ever encountered, giving it a truly original vibe. This collection was an enormous success for Alex and Ani.

( 2016 )

After the great public response to Celestial Wheel, I knew we had to do something entirely different: our repeat customers who already owned a Zodiac from the CW collection needed new reasons to buy another zodiac, so this time I changed the look completely.

Alex and Ani's original zodiac collection (before my Celestial Wheel re-design) was very simple. I drew from that look for this collection, going back to simple stamped metal. Except this time I added depth - each charm receiving raised detailing that you can feel with your fingertips. Below you will see 3D renders, provided by Rosangel Somers, and the original sketches I provided.



( 2017 )

This third re-design of the Zodiacs draws my on original design of the Celestial Wheel by placing all the symbols of the zodiac around the outer edge (though the wheel is different for each sign, displaying the corresponding zodiac at the top). I used a more classic circular shape, the outer edge embellished to add additional beauty, and elevated the overall design by creating a two-tone look. A single Swarovski crystal is placed somewhere in the constellation at the center of each.


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